The debilitating effect of “That’s not my job”

The gym my gorgeous wife and I train at is amazing! State of the art, all the toys necessary for any type of training including virtual classes in their spin and functional studio’s. Suffice to say we love it and love training there (did I mention it is literally 400 meters from the house :0))

There is nothing better than to start our day off with a spin to get the blood pumping, adrenaline flowing and mind ready for the day and because the class is virtual we are not constrained by set times, instructor not being available etc and the virtual class quality (instructors and video production) is out of this world (Les Mills feel free to send across marketing royalties lol)

This morning unfortunately was not the gyms finest moment. The instructor led classes and the sound system allows for the instructor to switch from the video sound to an external source. It also looks like the policy at the gym is that the sound cabinet is kept locked at all time (good policy). Unfortunately it appears that last nights instructor forgot (for their benefit) to switch the sound back to the video source. locked the cabinet and went home with the result that when we arrived this morning we found upon getting our session started that we were without sound

For those of you who spin (especially a class led by a virtual instructor) you’ll know that doing a class (no matter how much you love spinning) without sound is annoyingly painful!

So off I trot to find the very helpful and friendly gym personnel to sort this out and it turns out they cannot find the key to unlock the cabinet to switch the sound etc which we can live with: these things happen and lessons can be learned and policies can be put in place to  ensure this does not re-occur and we continue with our class (thank God for the tons of music on mobile etc)

Which brings me to the point of this short post – As we left the gym, my gorgeous wife took a moment to stop and chat with the individual that had attended to us earlier and shared very sweetly feedback on the impact of not having access to the keys to the sound equipment and some ideas on how to change this, to which the individual responded

“That’s not my job…”

And here’s the problem – There is nothing more infuriating to hear as a customer than those four/five words – wink if you agree :0) The problem with those words for me are that

  1. The person doesn’t really care about my needs as a customer
  2. The person is not solutions focussed
  3. The person is not accountable

All indications of a big problem I come across in all the organisations I work with helping them and their people flourish through equipping, empowering and enabling them to achieve their potential

The Big Problem – The business is run in such a way, the leadership operate in such a way; and people are set up in such a way that A) they don’t understand what their job really is and B) they don’t have accountability!

Take a moment to answer the following question regarding your work life, and then go and ask a number of others who work with you the same question

“What is your job?”

If the majority of answers are “My job is to …(fill in job title or responsibilities of job) your business is in serious trouble. The problem with this thinking and mindset is the key cause to I would venture 90% of all businesses who have gone bang

If people think their job is their job title the reality is that they are not working for the organisation, they are not working for a bigger purpose and as a result they are working for themselves.

If what I have shared today struck a cord and you recognise this pattern of thinking in your business and want to avoid the energy sapping, profit killing, people stealing avalanche that this brings give a shout.