Steps to success in Sales

1. Have inspiring aspirations

These are the things you do the work for; the reward for your effort. The things that you want to have, be or do which – with that sales, with that new client, with that commission you can achieve and have.

It’s helpfull to have a huge/longer term aspiration (high value) and critical to have smaller lower value one’s for the day, week and month

How do you know its an inspirational aspiration?

High value – Its something you will not be able to achieve without sacrifice. You have to earn more (over and above your wage) and/or need to give something else up /go without in order to save for it. When you think about being/having/doing this you get butterflies of excitement

Lower value – When you think about being/having/doing this you get butterflies of excitement. These could be things like going to a movie; having a sleep in morning; going for a massage. Not necessarily high cost but of emotional value to you

“To sustain the effort required in sales, it is essential we reward ourselves regularly and purposefully”

(give thanks to that part of you which is resenting the work)

How to use your inspiring aspirations to sustain momentum?

Identify them

Write them out using as much graphic description as possible and putting it into SMART as a frame work (makes it concrete)

Find pictures/videos etc of each and study these (picture yourself in the moment – what are you experiencing, doing) every morning upon waking up and every evening before going to sleep (builds the desire)

Reward yourself as promised. This is especially important for the small daily inspiring aspirations. The more the resentful self gets rewarded the more it comes on board

Have an amazing/prosperous day


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