Grow your start-up ‘profitably quickly’

Grow your Start-up ‘profitably quickly’… Mmmmm not sure that’s even correct English so let me start at the beginning

As a business owner, my commercial objective is to create *profitable and sustainable growth*. This allows me to hire more, reward better and delivers on my mission of ‘Helping Organisations and Lives Flourish’

* is also my overarching desired outcome for my clients I work with

I’m always on the lookout for ways to build new relationships and learn from other experts on ways to continuously improve what I do and how I do it, and last night I attended an event hosted by Marian Gazdik, Startup Grind, held at the very cool/funky WeWorks venue in Moorgate.


These are the key messages I picked up from the highly accomplished, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, ‘Queen of Seed funding’, Reshma Sohoni, Partner and Founder of SeedFund & Seedcamp on how to How to grow your startup ‘profitably quickly’

You have to set the right culture from the start – For Reshma this entails

– Living and driving the work ethic you desire

– Creating a culture that truly desires and intends to “deliver (create) the world you and they want to see” (sic)

– Working smart

– Listening

– Having a phenomenal hiring process in place

I know that this was a talk aimed specifically at how to get funding for your startup and want to thank Reshma, Marian and the rest of the SG Europe team for a very informative event

Have a question concerning any of the above, email me at or comment

Leadership in Motion works with Founders/Directors of SME’s and their leadership teams helping them maintain authenticity and achieve consistent, sustainable, profitable growth as they transition from the first generation to the second generation to third generation expansion. Our mission is to Help Organisations and Lives Flourish and our Vision is to Develop 1000 Leaders who are World Changers by 2020

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