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It’s hard not to  connect with these words by the incredibly talented #twentyonepilots. A word the pervades our world. A word and affliction that crops up in the news

Stress – An affliction that pervades our world, cropping up in the news every day. An affliction that costs people, companies, and the economy billions every year due to loss and the management thereof through the introduction and implementation of Wellness Programs.

What fascinates me in all of this is that very little seems to be highlighted around the potentially simple things we – the stressed individuals (I include myself in this group) – can do to minimize the potential for stress.

What I share below are six principles to stress-less in life. Principles which are a result of realizations and lessons I have had spanning the past 40 years of my life.

1) Be thankful for what you have –

We are so focussed on what we don’t have and the unfairness of it all, that we are forever striving to ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ which ultimately leads to stress as we scramble to have things.

Solution- Give thanks every day for what you are and what you have. This includes recognizing the great things about you.

2) Live within your means –

Overextending ourselves is a sure-fire way to stress as we constantly ‘Rob Peter to pay Paul’ for the things we couldn’t afford (and often don’t need). This permanent panic of “how are we going to pay this or that?” is wearing on the soul.

Solution – Only spend what you earn, never more! In fact look to spend 1% less than you had budgeted. Healthy quality food, electricity, education, health and friendship are more important than the latest mobile/digital tv (sports and movie channels)/designer ripped denim for £200. If you are going without/or skimping on the first because of the latter its worth a rethink

3) Put something aside every month – 

Otherwise referred to as ‘sowing in the summer months so that you don’t go without in the winter.’ Nothing stresses more than not being able to provide when times are tough.

Solution – put a % of what you earn away every month. You choose the amount and then make sure you do it. Don’t worry about the best place to put it, start doing it and once its a habit you can look at the best options

4) Do what you are good at and enjoy

We all have our strengths but it is often easy to commit to things we are not good at or don’t enjoy in order to earn more, have more and to appear to be more – hello stress!
Solution – Work with a coach, identify your strengths and passions and commit to becoming a master in these areas.

5) Own your part –

You’ve committed to a job, a relationship, a car payment. Anything you committed to comes with responsibilities and expectations.

Solution – Take responsibility and deliver your part. Understand and be clear about the expectations that you are committing to deliver before you commit. If you recognise this isn’t you, don’t commit.

6) Plan to improve –

Reading 1) you probably thought “but what about moving forward and improving my lot” absolutely we should continuously be striving to create a better version of ourselves. Applying the first five principles helps make sure it’s in the right way.

Solution – identify the next phase you want to be at. Make a plan and then work hard towards it

Enjoy and be stress-less

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