Would a Doctor or Medical person please make their way…

Never nice words to hear as your train pulls into the station. Words which indicate that a person has fallen ill (hopefully not serious), they are in distress and need help. I have been that person, feeling faint or worse, you are disorientated, panicky about what is happening to you and often embarrassed (although that’s probably just me and worrying what people think)

Unfortunately, this was the message broadcast over the station and train tannoy this morning as the train I was on came to a stop at London Bridge Station. As I walked down the carriage my mind as often does in these situations fell to thinking and praying for the person concerned and that all would be good. And then I came across the ‘incident’. There was the person seated on the floor at the entrance to one of the carriages surrounded by three other people, the person involved was sitting up and breathing, there were no signs of bleeding or other distress so IĀ carried on past.

Then I saw the following –

Walking with purpose down the carriage towards me was an individual who I assume was a trained medical person going to assist in the situation. I didn’t stop to check but as I walked on down I could only imagine the impact this very well-meaning individual was going to have on their intended patient.

On their T-shirt was the following logo:


I couldn’t make this up if a tried…

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