Alex Ferguson was once asked…

This post comes straight from the phenomenal book by Professor Damian Hughes called How to think like Sir Alex Ferguson. My business is developing leaders who are world changers and this is one book I highly recommend for any manager (current or up and coming) Actually, this is for anybody who wants to gain more out of life


Back to the title at hand

This excerpt can be found in the chapter See Change and falls under the heading of Standing room only (not sure which page as I am reading this on kindle – I am at 24% of the book and have 13 min left in the chapter if that helps any)

Sir Alex Ferguson was once asked: ‘If the average coach says 100 words to his players, how many words should a great coach say?‘ … ‘Ten words,’ he said. ‘Fewer if possible.

This blew my mind, but what Professor Damian Hughes follows on with as an explanation is what really rocked my boat

The truth is great coaches don’t spend their time talking. they spend their time watching and listening. And when they communicate, they don’t just start talking. They deliver concise, useful information, and they make the information stick


This stopped me in my tracks. Do I do this? I know that this is my mission and what I aspire to but do i really practice it?

What about you? Would love to hear your thoughts?

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