Organisational Change requires Leadership Alignment

” (For change in an organisation (an environment comprising of 2 or more individuals) to occur, leadership must first be aligned in terms of knowledge, principals and vision. If development/learning is required it is imperative that all leaders attend the same development sessions and commit to apply the same principals gleamed from the learning. Failure to do so will not only slow the change but could in fact create further threats to the success of the organisation.”(Change the culture, Change the Game, Roger Connors, Tom Smith)

Let me illustrate this by sharing the following story

“A married couple were going through challenges in their relationship. Both were frustrated because they each had dreams for this marriage and realised that if the situation did not change that the dreams were getting harder and harder to attain and if left completely the marriage would end which they did not want. Sharing all of this with a close friend one day the friend recommended that they read a book called The Five Love Languages. The friend said that they had been in a similar position earlier in their relationship and felt that this would help. Because they wanted this couples relationship to succeed the friend went so far as to buy each a copy of the book as a gift.
A few months down the line the friend caught up with the one partner and asked how things were going. The friend replied that initially things had improved – they had read the book and started applying the principals, the friend went on to say that unfortunately nothing had changed from the partners side. When probed, they acknowledged that the spouse had not read the book and each subsequent attempt to create change had only led to  further tension with the result being that this partner was feeling that they might not be able to go on”.
Why does this happen?
Learning creates a new perspective and view point. Unfortunately when this new view point needs to be shared it is very difficult to share/drive the view point from one side (adult learning principals) as the other party is still operating from their current beliefs/values/window of the world.
  • Lesson
If you are part of a leadership group and a new way of seeing things/doing things has come up, make sure that all involved get this information from the same source to ensure complete clarity and and enhance the chance of buy in.

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