Life is not measured by time on earth but by what we accomplish in that time

I have a confession

“I spend a lot of my free time running, gyming and generally being  a fitness freak :0)”

This you will be glad to know is not purely for enjoyment or masochistic pleasures (well a little) but mainly because I was diagnosed with Hyper Obstructive Cardio Myopathy (Chronic Heart Condition) in my early 20’s and rather than lie down and give in I decided that I am going to be an inspiration for others who have health conditions by taking on challenging events on a yearly basis (typically involves getting muddy, running, crawling, climbing, wet, cold and bruised). I also use this as an opportunity to support and build awareness of  The Cardiomyopathy Association who do a lot for us and others, especially families with small children diagnosed with this congenital heart disease
On Saturday my wife and I are “Rat Race Dirty Weekenders“… a 20 mile 200 obstacle race and in true British style it’s forecast to rain, hail and blow a gale.  Eeek!

Feel the CMA or our challenges is a good cause, click and contribute:


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