Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Spend LESS time and energy on making the right decision and MORE time and energy ensuring the  decision turns out right

Last night I was Skype-ing with a very good friend and entrepreneur who had recently moved continents and was following  his dream of starting a business. As we spoke about how business was developing he mentioned that he was stressed – no surprises there as he is prone to stress and rightly so (he had already missed 2 previous business attempts)  (note: I have the utmost faith and admiration for everything this guy has achieved and have no doubt that he is going to achieve great things). As the call came to an end he seemed a little less tense and yet there was something unsettling about our conversation which I just couldn’t put my finger on.
Then in my daily reading this morning I came across the following post by Ed Batista: Stop Worrying about Making the Right Decision 
and as I read the quote, the feeling I couldn’t put my finger on the previous evening  became crystal clear – a number of times my friend had mentioned that he wasn’t sure whether he had made the right decision re. one of his strategies and what this post had illustrated was the potential danger focusing too long and hard on making the decision.
So how to overcome this?
Ed’s post provides great insight into how to make the right decision. so I will share a number of questions I ask my clients which helps them to ensure that they have a strong clear strategic plan in place to ensure that their energy and time can be focused in the right area (feel free to use this for yourself or your team)
  • What is your decision?
  • Why is this decision important to you?
  • When do you want to achieve this decision by?
  • How will you know you have achieved success in this decision?
  • What will success look like, sound like, feel like?
  • What do you need to have/have happen in order for you to achieve your decision?
Repeat questions 2-5 for each subsequent must have/have happen
Ask for each subsequent ‘must have/have happen’
  • how will doing/having this help you achieve success of your decision?


  • Which ‘must have/have happen’ do you need/want to focus on first?
  • Then?
  • And then?
  • List the rest in order of preference/importance
By following Ed’s post and the questions above you will have a blue print/map to follow. As I said to my friend “You have a map which has been verified to take you to your desired destination. All you have to do is start following it and as Dory from Finding Nemo is so fond of saying

Just keep swimming, keep swimming

Enjoy the ride

One thought on “Decisions, decisions, decisions…

  1. Sometimes we need to recognise that we make the incorrect decision and not beat ourselves up . We do not make the incorrect decision deliberately. Recognise that we do the best we can with information at hand and always with the best intentions and that is what we must recognise and acknowledge. If it not right for now it is a step towards making the decision that is. Nothing it wrong it’s all part of a process – and yes keep swimming and it will work out

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