Are you killing your business through praise?

“ If you think you’re tops, you won’t do much climbing. ”
— Arnold Glasgow
Leaders, this is a great quote which communicates an important message around praise.

As has been shown in many previous posts across many blogs praise is essential if you want to create winning teams and mindsets.

This comes with a warning!

When praising be aware of the language you use. All too often I hear managers using words like excellent, talented, brilliant, etc. All very encouraging words, all words that lead to the line of thinking in the first part of the quote ” you think you are tops” which results in the second part of the quote “you won’t do much climbing.

Think about it – If you were told you were brilliant, amazing, talented after a while you would star believing your own hype and like I have personally experienced led to the following thoughts “ah, I’m the bees knees! I don’t have to work so hard!”

So, praise lavishly but praise with care.

A few tips –

1. Praise the action or behaviour you want to see, not the person

2. Praise the power of the impact created by the action or behaviour

3. Use words off phrases that empower further development.

Example “Jo, thank you for the way you handle the customers query! The way you used probing questions to fully understand their situation helped engage the customer and calmed them down allowing you to help them reach a positive outcome. The work you been putting into developing your questioning skills is really paying dividends, keep it up”😄

Keep having fun and remember do the right thing😄

One thought on “Are you killing your business through praise?

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