Forgiveness is free, Leadership is earned

“Let not many of you become teachers my brethren, knowing that as such we shall incur a stricter judgement” James 3:1 (NASB)

I am in the process of studying POINT MAN, How a man can lead his family, Steve Farrar. As I work my way through Chapter 3 Real Men don’t… I came across the above quote and title and the importance of this message hammered home the following critical lessons about being a leader.

Lesson 1 Leadership (def: a person who is formally selected into a position of authority) is first and foremost about character (your values, principals and morals). You can be a salesperson, dentist, doctor, bricklayer (add your profession) coming in late, cutting corners, lying, being immoral etc and still possibly be successful. As a leader this is not the case which brings me to lesson 2

Lesson 2 Leaders are teachers. They are deemed to be bastions of character, role models of principal and moral centred behaviour. Because of prestige and importance of this position they are expected to walk the talk and will be judged harshly when this does not occur.

Forgiveness is free, leadership is earned As a leader once character is broken it is a hard journey back. Yes, people may forgive but the trust and authority which was once implied will be very hard to gain back.

How do you ensure that you earn your right as a leader?

-Become a person of character.
*Identify and commit to your values and principals
*Keep developing yourself by surrounding yourself with people of character, reading character centred books, watching and listening to character centred movies and music
*Build a strong relationship with God your father

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