Dear friends & colleagues, I am now your Boss!

I come across the following scenario time and again when facilitating Leadership Programs

  • The Scenario

An individual is promoted to management and is then put in charge of the team they were formerly a part of.

Typically at this point I see one of 2 styles of leadership emerge

  • Affiliative Style – Wanting to be liked and scared of upsetting the apple cart, the new manager tries to engage the team by being ‘nice’


  • Directive Style – 180 degree opposite to the Affiliative Style, this manager attacks head on assuming authority through command and control.

Unfortunately on their own either of these styles can be a recipe for disaster ending in mutiny for which these new managers are neither prepared nor equipped to handle

  • The cause to this Scenario

From experience and feedback it appears that in a lot of cases it comes down to the managers not having received the necessary development and coaching support around the subjects of Management and Emotional Intelligence. This lack of development then results in a limited awareness, understanding, knowledge, tools and skills causing the above scenario

Okay so prospective managers should receive development and coaching. I am a manager in this situation / I know a person in this situation! What is the next course of action?


  • Here are 2 things you can do
  1. Visit or refer them to GoAYP (Achieve Your Potential) is an organisation that provides practical and dynamic coaching and development solutions for professionals.
  2. Read or give them the following post By Joel Garfinkle on February 18th, 2013 in smartblog on Leadership to read

How do I lead former peers now that I am their Boss?

This post is a really useful starting guide filled with 5 great tips which if applied could help new managers avoid a possible mutiny.

Enjoy the Journey

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