Praise to enhance performance

Leaders, do you believe

Having a job should be thanks enough for their work
That praise will create complacency and laziness
That great payments and benefits should be enough

Think again,

“In fact, research ( by Adam Grant and Francesca Gino has shown that saying thank you

1) Not only results in reciprocal generosity — where the thanked person is more likely to help the thanker.
2) but stimulates prosocial #behavior in general. In other words, saying “thanks” increases the likelihood your #employee will not only help you, but help someone else.”

Read the following fantastic article by by Mark Goulston | 12:00 PM February 20, 2013

Still don’t believe in the power of praise

Check out the following #TED talk by Laura Trice

Still not convinced?

A few tips to add to the fantastic tips on praise

1) Be genuine
2) Praise the action/behaviour you want to see continued
3) Stay away from words like ‘talented/brilliant/extraordinary – where does a person go to from there?

Do the right thing

2 thoughts on “Praise to enhance performance

    • Hola! Apologies I have been meaning to reply for ages. Thank you for being brave and giving me a shout. Thank you so much for the compliment and praise – I am really humbled. Why the need for courage?

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