My name is Snoekems, I want to share 5 principle to achieve Success and Happiness

SnoekemsHi, my name is Snoekems and I want to share 5 principle to success that I apply in my life that bring me a lot of happiness and I hope that by applying them you too can achieve your dreams.

2 important things to note

A – You need to have a dream and set a goal before you apply these principles and this is not a principle that I can share. Why? Because I’m a cat and we don’t set dreams and goals silly :0) So set your dream, set your goal and read on.

B – These principle may work individually but I have found that they work best when all applied together

My 5 Principles to achieve Success and Happiness

1) Let others know what you want

I love dinner time and cuddle time and I let my owners know it. How do I do this?

Lets say its bed time and I want cuddles. I stand at the top of the staircase miaowing…(you thought I was going to say ‘calling’ didn’t you – hah, humans)  I miaow and miaow until they come to see what I am miaowing about. Then I run to the bedroom, glancing back to make sure they are following and jump on the bed. If they don’t come, I go back and start the miaowing all over again- Trust me they now know when I am mioawing at the top of the stairs what it is I want.

Your lesson – You have to know what you want and then you have to let the people – who can help you get there – know what it is. Being clear is essential if you want to get ahead

2. Be persistent

Refer to point 1 and watch the following

#youtube Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat

Your Lesson – Need I say more 🙂

3. Be curious/brave

I love to explore. I love to climb into any hole, cupboard, dark seemingly unnaccessible spot. Why? Imagine all the interesting and tasty things I come across.  ~”Isn’t it dangerous I hear you say (Yup, I have heard you say ‘curioisity killed the cat’ YAWN). Thankfully you don’t need nine lives ;0) and nor do I, not when my curiosity is supported by point 4.

Your lesson – Sitting safe and never taking risks is not how Richard Branson, Neil Amstrong and many others achieved success. Yes it might seem scary to go into the unknown but when you do this in conjuction with point 4 you are safe

4. Have a ‘person’

For those of you who are not Greys Anatomy devotees (my owners are) having a ‘person’ means there is one person in your life who you can count on, no matter what, to have your back. In my case, my owners are ‘my people’ – yes I know, lucky me I have 2 hehe

You see I know that my owners love me and have my back and this  gives me the courageand space to go and be curious.

Your lesson – Have one person at least in your life who you know loves you unequivickly and who has your back. A few things to help you find this person

a) Identify the values and character that you are comitted to

b) Surround yourself with people of the same principles and character as yours

c) Don’t look for this person, let them identify themselves through their actions

5. Stay well rested

I like to sleep…a lot ;0) The thing is that with all this sleep comes abundant energy to get about and do what I need to do. Its almost like I get twice as much done in half the time which allows me to.. you guessed it…sleep some more

Your lesson – Get adequate quality sleep at night and have a nap (even if its 15 minutes mid afternoon) This will give you the energy and vitality to get up and go.

There you have it – 5 simple yet effective principles that ensue that I get the cream. Wishing you success and happiness in 2013

PS. My special thank you to @KerryHannon and her article in Forbes Online for the inspiration which sparked this nugget :0) I couldn’t let dogs have the final say!

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