UFC 154 George St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit, Bell Centre, Montreal Canada

Dana White and the UFC team have done it again with another thrilling action packed night of fights by some of the best fighters from around the world.

The highlight – a 5 round (in my opinion fight of the night) title defence by returning Welterweight Champion Georges ‘Rush’ St. Pierre against interim title holder Carlos ‘The Natural Born Killer’ Condit.

Read more for a summary of the preliminary and main card fights held on Saturday 17 November at the Bell Centre Montreal

Preliminary Rounds

  • Antonio Carvalho (Canada) vs Rodrigo Damm (brazil)  Featherweight(145pounds)

A tentative contest between 2 BJJ blackbelts with Carvalho throwing great inside and outside leg kicks to the left knee of Damm causing severe swelling. Damm showed his grappling ability in the 2nd when the fight went briefly to the floor but was not able to capitlize. Some slick combinations by both fighters who could both have brought more into the cage

Verdict: Carvalho winning by split decision

  • Sam Stout (Canada) vs John Makdessi (Canada) Lightweight (155pounds)

None of the tentativeness seen in the previous bout, both fighters opened the first round with kicks and strikes, Makdessi finding his range early consistently finding the mark with a stiff left jab. Stout as always a willing competitior consistently drove forward throwing body, body head combos, heavy body kicks and attempted takedowns but just couldn’t capitalise on Makdessi’s improved grappling defence and striking

Verdict: John Makdessi winning by unanimous decision

  • Cyrille Diabate (france) vs Chad Griggs (USA) Light heavyweight (205pounds)

Cyrille capitalises on Griggs aggressive start catching Griggs with a precision short straight left as he came in. From there it was all downhill for Griggs as Diabate used his much improved grappling and Mua Thai knees to gain control of Griggs back finishing Griggs with a solid rear naked choke in 21/2 minutes of the 1st round.

Verdict: Diabate by rear naked choke

  • Ivan Menjivar vs  Azamat Gashimov Bantam weight (135pounds)

After a short exchange of blows Gashimov shoots in for a takedown securing full mount. After some grappling and strikes Menjivar turns the tide, catching Gashimovs left arm with his superb BJJ locking in an armbar

Verdict: Menjivar wins by armbar

  • Patrick Cote (Canada)  vs Alesio Sakara (USA) Middleweight  (185pounds)

A blistering start to this middleweight contest. Cote took an early advantage dominating Sakara with a combination of upper cuts, hooks and knees.  Then the tide turned. Sakara landed a number of solid elbows dropping Cote causing referee stoppage due to strikes. Unfortunately some of these landed to the back of Cotes head

Verdict: Cote wins by disqualification

Main Event

  • Mark Hominick (Canada) vs Pablo Garza Featherweight (USA) (145pounds)

Wow, if this opening fight to the main event is any sign of what was to come then you were in for a treat! Strikes, flying Capoeira kicks,  level changes and great footwork made this an explosive and entertaining fight. Mark Hominick as always showing his trademark grit and determination couldn’t capitalise on his striking with Garza doing alot of damage with his takedowns and elbows from full mount

Verdict: Garza wins by unanimous decision

  • Mark Bocek (Canada) vs Rafael Dos Anjos (Brazil) Lightweight (155pound)

Blistering high energy fight with Dos Anjos dominating throughout all 3 rounds stuffing 11 of 11 takedown attempts, causing damage with his barrage of strikes, kicks and ground work.

Verdict: Rafael Dos Anjos wins by unanimous decision

  • Francis Carmont (France) vs Tom Lawler 9USA) Middleweight (185pounds)

A tough but evenly matched 3 round battle which saw 8-0 crowed favourite Carmont scoring points with superb body kicks and knees and Lawler using his superior grappling, dirty boxing and choke attempts from guard to score points. This one was a closely fought battle going to the judges

Verdict: Carmont by split decision

  • Martin Kampmann (Demark) vs Johny Hendriks (USA) Welterweight (170pounds)

The co-main event with a win putting wither of these warriors into title contention against the winner of the main event, there promised to be fireworks and it did not dissappoint.

BOOM!  Shortly after the opening bell, Hendriks throws a weeak right hook followed by a left straight down the pipe knocking Kampmann down and out. That’s all she wrote.

Verdict: Johny Hendriks by knockout

  • Georges St. Pierre (Canada) vs Carlos Condit (USA) Welterweight (170pounds)

It promised to be a barn burner and that it certainly was. Georges St. Pierre returned  after a 19 month recovery from knee injury to defend (for the 7th time) his welterweight championship belt against interim champion Carlos Condit.

The first 2 rounds GSP dominated with his sharp stiking and takedowns dishing out vicious elbows from the guard opening a deep cut on Condits forehead. The 3rd saw a brief change in momentum when Condit caught St. Pierre clean on the right temple with a high left kick knocking the champion to the mat and following this up with a barrage of ground and pound. Unfortunately Condit was unable to capatilise with St. Pierre coming back in the championship 4th and 5th rounds to dominate once again with his superb wrestling and ground striking.

Verdict: St. Pierre wins by unanimous decision

Overall a fantastic event with Joe Silva working his magic as always with well matched fighters. My commic commentary moment came from Joe Rogan and Mike Goldburg when they were discussing the end of the fight between Mark Hominick and Pablo Garza

Mike Goldburg:  ‘At one point Garza was travelling 154miles daily for training. That’s dedication (sic)’

Joe Rogan: ‘Thats living in the wrong area’…’Thats move! (sic)’




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