Lifes little lessons…

I have always been an avid learner continuously reading, watching, reflecting and adapting to better myself and the environment I create. In the past 2 weeks I have had 2 – YES, you read correct – 2! AH HA moments about self which I felt would be valuable to share

Both happened whilst running #leadership programs, each going something like this…(abridged version)

Experience 1

Whilst passionately delivering a motivational #change message, one of the delegates asked “Have you ever been a ‘team manager before?’ to which I promptly (and might I add embarrassingly) replied “No! but I have managed teams in the restaurant and wellness industry and therefore do understand the challenges you face”

Why ’embarrassingly’ you may ask? Well, as I started responding my subconscious self chose to pipe up “NO! STOP! You haven’t clarified the intention/meaning behind the question (level 01 of good #facilitation and a sure way to possibly de-motivate /alienate the delegate/s) and you are coming across as defensive” (mmm, in hindsight I wish a had been recording this. You would probably some interesting non-verbal communication :0)

Soooo…what happened?

Remember, this was all happening simultaneously in mere seconds which simply allowed me to…finish what I was saying… pause… draw breath… gain a modicum of composure and say ‘I apologize, I didn’t even clarify why you were asking’ (attempt at damage control) to which the delegate replied…”You are very motivational and would be great leading a #team

Cringe, Please earth swallow me up whole!

The lesson?

Join me in part 2 of this post where I will share the 2nd #experience and my AH HA moments

Enjoy the journey

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